Dare to Transform

Next-gen HR and OD solutions

Let I.B.Consulting help you achieve your company’s true potential

We are a hybrid of HR & Organizational Design transformation consultants on a mission to help companies achieve performance breakthroughs by embracing change, maximizing the organization’s capabilities & thriving in the digital economy.

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Let our team be the partners you lean on to boost your business growth, as we help you to transform these core pillars

Organizational capital

Transform your organization
to respond confidently to ever-evolving business needs.

Human capital

Find the key to developing loyal, committed, and motivated employees through shared business goals and purpose.


Adaptive organizational design strategies

I.B. Consulting provides tools to assess your organization’s readiness for disruptions in a fast-changing business landscape. We help you identify vulnerabilities and seize opportunities in the dynamic digital economy.

Reinvent your human capital

I.B. Consulting fosters a people-centric approach, aligning strategic business objectives with the authentic selves of employees. Through purpose-driven culture, opportunities, and support, we empower organizations to upskill their talent.

About us

We provide consultancy that relies on deep understanding of organizations’ complexity and human capital, and international experience ready to support your company at times of change by empowering your people to break through and embrace transformations, as well as maximize organizational capabilities.

Email: office@ibconsulting.rs

Phone: +39 347 8062612

LinkedIn: Marijana Brasiello – I.B.Consulting

Email: office@ibconsulting.rs

Phone:  +39 347 8062612

LinkedIn: Marijana Brasiello – I.B.Consulting